Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?
Subject:   Power Brokers and Civil Disobedience
Date:   2002-02-02 06:27:36
From:   jpenney
Folks, it's time for open source fans to take action to protect our access to each other's technology.

The transistor, the IC, the internet, the computer and all hi-tech were and are developed using money taken from the taxpayers of the united states. When AT&T had a monopoly, it was able to tax us by charging what it wanted for phone service, and it used that money to fund its research. When the military funds projects at high tech corporations (the military industrial complex - remember what Eisenhower said about that), the profits from the technology go to the companies who develop it with OUR MONEY. When NASA creates new technology by funding studies in universities using public money, and then transfers that technology, including patents and legal rights, to private corporations, we pay for it.

Now the results of the research, and the profits derived thereby, have been given by the rich people's government to the rich people, and have become the "property" of large corporations, who are using the money to stifle those of us who believe in true democracy, where power belongs to the people, and where technology is used for bettering mankind. These guys obviously don't understand what Roddenberry was talking about.

We as technical professionals need to realize now, that we hold sway over these corporations to a degree that they fear terribly and that they are scared to death of us realizing. And, we need to use that power to level the democratic playing field. The CEO and CIO and VP's certainly have no qualms about using their political power over us. They pay us just well enough to keep us content while they slowly drain away all the resources from which our power is drawn. Should we not turn the tables on them, now that they depend on us working for them? We have a code of ethics that is important to us. Do you think CEO's have a code of ethics? Do you think CIO's have a code of ethics? NO - THEIR code is, GET AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND SCREW EVERYONE ELSE. That's not my code of ethics, and I don't want them running the world if that's how they think.

The thing they fear most is that we'll stop behaving like good little boys and girls and that we'll actually take action to protect our interest. This sort of things scares the rich and dumb, because they don't have the brains to deal with logical sensible people - they like sheep. Well I'm no sheep, and I'm tired of these guys who know nothing and care nothing about the possible uses of technology for the benefit of all. It's time to take them down from their levels of incompetence and put them where they belong - on my software team, cleaning the CD-ROM burner with a Q-tip.

Civil disobedience is the order of the day, and this event should trigger some of you to start your own little revolution.

But you're worried about your job, right? High unemployment, right? Well, there's no need at all to put your job at risk over this. You can do this quietly. Do the corporations perform their societal sabotage in the open? No, of course not. They hide behind armies of lawyers and politicians - which we, the 98% of the country that isn't rich, pay for.

So do we need to blatantly virus-ate computer networks? Do we need to openly shuffle bandwith over to our favorite non-profit? NO. But you are some of the smartest people in the world, and what CEO would know if you set up a free VPN for the shave-the-whales foundation? NONE. What CIO is knowledgeable enough about the actual technology to know anything about what the network is being used for? NONE. Who has the knowledge of whether you're running an internet chat service for the independent political party of your choice? NOBODY. Who would know if you set up a network trading board for local farmers to trade produce? ONLY YOU.

You are the people who Lenin feared so much, he massacred them all. You are the people Stalin hated and strove to control with terror. You are the people with vocabularies hundreds of thousands of times larger than George Bush, and thinking capacity that he couldn't even accidentally dream about - WHY IS HE THE PRESIDENT AND NOT YOU?
You are the people feared and hated by all who are lazy and stupid, because you provide the background against which they all appear lazy and stupid.

You are the highly creative, the hard working, you know how to put in 90 hours a week when necessary, and you have control of immense resources of potential technological egalitarianism. Take these resources back from the corporations who have stolen them from the people of the democratic United States of America, and give them back to those people.

It's up to you, the technology is under your control. Be smart about it though - don't kid yourself - if these rich people can screw you, they will, so keep your eyes open and keep some friends around for support if you get in trouble.

Can't wait to see what happens when some fat boy reads this.