Protect Your Source Code: Obfuscation 101
Subject:   Extremely slow applications
Date:   2005-04-10 20:03:32
From:   michaelartemiw
Response to: Extremely slow applications

What generalization! The code obfuscations in the article will without a doubt slow your software to a crawl. In 90% of the cases your "sensitive" code areas are going to be ones that need to run fast.

Just as you want it to take the hacker longer to break your code than it would be to write it from scratch you want it to be faster for the user to use your software than to do it by hand or use the competition's product.

It should be noted that we are talking about control flow obfuscation which is bleeding edge. You can still perform name obfuscation which will not cause a performance penalty and still deter most snoopers.

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