Weblog:   The Fuss About Gmail and Privacy: Nine Reasons Why It's Bogus
Subject:   The advertising
Date:   2005-04-11 08:23:09
From:   Marfig
Response to: The advertising

Considering the amount of advertisement I witness being thrown at us every single day on newspapers, magazines with 1/3 to 2/3 of their entire content, big flashing boards and screens while i'm driving, on the radio cutting my favorite song, and on tv on a constant basis even on channels i'm paying for, I cannot but watch with my mouth open at the way some people look at Google Ads. Especially considering 90% of the time I don't even remember they are there.

If the idea is for a free-ad internet, forget it. That will not be. Take your ideals elsewhere. Those times are gone, if they ever were here in fact.

But if your idea is for a responsible context based, non-intrusive ad system, then look no further than what google has been offering so far.

Personaly I find it amazing that when someone tries to do it right, the self-righteous still come forward with their fundamentalist attitudes.

As a side note Adware was not removed. It's alive and well. Many companies still rely on it. While some companies are responsible in its use, other are not. But it's out there and it is legal. As for Verisign... comparing an highly intrusive self-promoting system with GMail ads is i'm sure not what you wanted to do. Was it? Because they are clearly not the same thing.

If you consider Gmail an email hijacker, say that next time you receive an email from someone using it and you see 0 (yes, that's right. Zero) ads. Or better yet, subscribe it yourself and start using it through your POP3 based email client. You got it, you will be able to check your emails with zero ads. Hijack that.

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