Protect Your Source Code: Obfuscation 101
Subject:   Article purpose
Date:   2005-04-13 09:23:25
From:   Florijan
I am a beginner programmer, and I work with Java a lot at the moment. I read the article, and by thoughts were: oh well, not such a big wisdom described, however I can imagine it to be useful. I also thought that obfuscation is NOT such a nice method of "hiding" your source code. Performance and size being the main reasons.

But I still thought it was a decent article because it introduces some tools and techniques I (and many others I think) have considered. I did not see any nasty presumptuous sentences like: "If you obfuscate (and obfuscation is beautiful and costs you nothing), you are free from all the possible hacking threats there are or ever will be in this universe!" And those comments I read on the article seemed to be attacking exactly that one line which WASN"T THERE. So, read carefully people.

I think it is an OK article, even thought I don't think it will help many people.

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