Protect Your Source Code: Obfuscation 101
Subject:   Statements via association
Date:   2005-04-13 13:52:40
From:   schwern
Response to: Article purpose

Part of the art of writing is putting things in the right context. Associating one point with another without having to come right out and saying it.

So, the setup talking about bank accounts and espionage.

"With a few magic keystrokes, the entire system would somehow just start transferring funds to foreign bank accounts..."

"Well, that might account for the money laundering and espionage back in the 1980s"

The conclusion talking about government secrets.

"In a world where everyone follows license agreements and no one wants to reverse engineer government secrets, obfuscation techniques wouldn't be of much use."

And with just one sentence between...

"Hopefully, you now have a better feel for the compilation process and understand how obfuscation is a powerful tool you can use to protect your code from exploitation and hacking."

What sort of code are we protecting? Why code that protects government secrets, foreign bank accounts and espionage of course! That's the impression the author will walk away with especially if they're reading quickly.

The author might not have been aware of what was implied, but since he's not sitting next to everyone reading the article to correct their impressions it doesn't matter.