SSH on Mac OS X for Worry-Free Wireless
Subject:   wc for Philips TouCam pro & Pan&tilt-asonic
Date:   2002-02-02 23:52:05
From:   tz
I created a very similar setup to watch my mother when I was away. Mac OS (9 at the time)/Coolcam, store pictures on a server, and pull them via SSH.

Now there's wc 0.3 (see Versiontracker) which includes a quicktime component for Philips TouCam Pro - a $60 camera. It doesn't do the highest rez (640x480) and you need lots of bandwidth (I got a 4 channel card for 3 cams), but works well.

But a different approach is the Panasonic KX-HCM10 which is a camera with built-in webserver that can tilt, pan, change brightness and resolution. Using SSH to create a pipe so you can access the camera's webserver from the outside is even better since you can scan around the room. The camera uses ethernet, so would plug into any laptop where it could then go wireless. The Panasonic camera is just under $400 street price though - more expensive.