ActionScript for Non-Coders
Subject:   Thanks a lot
Date:   2005-04-14 02:10:40
From:   mkamler
Thanks a lot Sham! Once again you come up with an idea that'll change the way I work on flash animations!!! Fantastic idea - and simple, too...
In your text, you said you will try to make this Vcam a component, available from the tools palette - did it work?

I have read your Flash Hacks book (another mind-opener, by the way...)and in it you mentioned working with Adam Phillips on a book covering interface design and animation... Since the two subjects are the two things where I use Flash the most, I was wondering - is this book available somewhere?

once again - thanks...

Mikolaj Kamler

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  1. Thanks a lot
    2005-04-14 06:15:18  Sham_B [View]

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