Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X, Part 4
Subject:   Frustrated!
Date:   2002-02-03 05:09:28
From:   pattyb777
Yesterday I made a mistake in my httpd.conf file and I could not get the web server to restart. This morning I checked it against httpd.conf.bak and found the error. Once I fixed it, I was able to start the web server. Then I continued on with this wonderful tutorial. After taking the recommended steps, I once again could not get the web server to start. I checked against the .bak file again, line by line, and removed the changes I had made. I did leave it enabled for cgi, php and ssi. But now the server will not start again! I've rechecked the file several times. Is there anything else that could be preventing the server from starting?

Thanks, Pattyb

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