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  Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2
Subject:   Internal Server Error
Date:   2002-02-03 13:36:58
From:   morbus
Response to: Internal Server Error

That's a new one to me. I know what the error message means ("bad header"), but not where that "bootstap_look_up" is coming from. There's another CGI script within that same directory called "printenv". Can you run that one at all? Does it give you the same error message? If you edit the test-cgi script, do you see anything in there about bootstrap_look_up?

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  1. Internal Server Error
    2002-02-19 18:03:22  pbates [View]

    • Internal Server Error
      2002-03-03 07:20:56  philocon [View]

      • Internal Server Error
        2002-03-03 14:50:55  philocon [View]

        • Internal Server Error
          2002-04-03 15:46:52  danastasi [View]

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