Cat Fight in a Pet Store: J2EE vs. .NET
Subject:   .NET vs J2EE By Jambu
Date:   2002-02-03 21:22:05
From:   deanwampler
Response to: .NET vs J2EE By Jambu

Dear Krishnamurthy Jambu,

Thank you for your thoughts on .NET vs. J2EE. I tried not to be prejudiced against .NET in my article. While I am more familiar with J2EE than .NET, I commented that .NET has some very interesting features. Since I wrote the article, I have learned more about .NET that confirmed these initial impressions.

Let me emphasize that I was criticizing a false comparison, not .NET nor J2EE directly. The petstore comparison was not a good evaluation of the two technologies, for the reasons I mentioned. I hope that someone with better resources (perhaps like CSIRO
in Australia) will do truly scientific and unbiased comparisons of the two technologies.

You may be right that .NET is superior in many ways. I think the potential is there, given some attractive architectural features. We will see if Microsoft really executes well, especially where scalability and security are concerned. The J2EE crowd can't assume it will fail to attract followers.

Dean Wampler