Protect Your Source Code: Obfuscation 101
Subject:   Ulterior motives?
Date:   2005-04-15 18:22:58
From:   scartinfuffle
I suspect these detractors of obfuscation are hackers who would love
people to believe that obfuscation is pointless. Especially schwern,
who tries stupidly to raise a red flag by stating that obfuscation :

| ... increases code complexity which increases code maintenance costs.
| If you obfuscate the code by hand, woe be unto the next person who has
| to maintain that code.

He obviously doesn't understand (or doesn't want potential customers of
obfuscating software to understand) that the original project source code
(on which the maintenance is performed) is never obfuscated, just the
source code that can be reverse engineered from the executables.

Sure there may still be some hackers who see obfuscation as a challenge
but the the longer those criminal idiots spend hacking one piece of
software the less time they have to to hack the next. And every day
a hack is unavailable is another day that unscrupulous downloaders
who want the product now but can't find a hack may consider buying a

So in short - yes .. obfusccation is a waste of time and resources...
the hackers' time and resources! Which is a good thing.