Will You See Open Source J2EE Implementations?
Subject:   Great Machiavelli
Date:   2002-02-04 02:07:55
From:   crismally
Unfortunately I have the bad filing that ALL is about money ... SUN just searched to establish a way to beat Microsoft on the market and not to support IT Community .
It was a scenario very well planed for years. This makes me think that we must expect to see in future open source projects dieing or transforming in commercial software . Probably smart managers with good knowledge of business learned at McDonald's or Coca-Cola courses understood that the easiest way to play-lie-win-big-money is to do this in IT industry . And why ?Because is so easy to lie ( you know as we all know for sure the techniques ;-) ) the customer/user and to take his money . What is the best way to do this ? Support for couple of years free software development, platform independency, migration of knowledge to this platform witch will kill the development force of the concurrency, and after when the market becomes dependent by this platforms, BANG you change in a smart way the rules ... and guess who's earning money? When you take a look and analyse "where are going the money?" as the great Machiavelli teach us you will have all the answers ...
Cristian Malinescu
IT Consultant