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Subject:   Using print server with USB printer
Date:   2005-04-16 18:44:56
From:   OzRob
There are many small print servers that allow a USB printer to connect to a network, however it seems they only support Windows. Whenever I try to print through it using my Mac, it just sends PostScript (by default the driver is "laserwriter").

Is there some way to configure Mac printing so that it uses my choice of printer driver to send data to the networked printer?

For the record, I'm trying this with a Samsung ML-2250 printer and Linksys PSUS4 print server with 4-port switch.

The printer is supposed to support PCL6, but using Ghostscript's HP LaserJet 6 driver (which is supposed to be PCL6) I just get reams of crap (a la sending PostScript to a non-PS printer). When I connect to the printer via the print server using Windows, the driver says "Samsung ML-2250 Series PCL 6".

I've tried a number of HP drivers, but all with the same results - there is no Ghostscript driver for the ML-2250.

Lastly, I'm doing this because I have 4 networked Macs and don't want to use one to share the printer using USB sharing (which is my current solution). My only other option is to install a USD150 PostScript DIMM in the printer - but I'm not sure that will work either.

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  1. Using print server with USB printer
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