Weblog:   Open Source vs. Mac vs. Windows
Subject:   os x vs win vs Linux
Date:   2005-04-18 13:27:15
From:   y0n
well noboy seems to argue that win oses are the consuiderably poor in quality compared to either osx or linux as for linux vs osx ..

here's a reply for the linux vs mac question ... i found it on ..

posted by a user under he name caase1984

Macs are great computers, and OSX.2 is their best operating system yet. OSX is completrly different from OSX.2 (jaguar). Your friend probably has Jaguar running if he bought his computer recently. I have to point out that both OSX and Jaguar are Unix based - I just think it's funny. As for which is better (Linux or Mac), it depends what kind of person you are. I personally have a PC and a Linux box, and I will not be happy until I get a mac also.

If you want to get involved with open source (either for philosophical reasons or because you want to help or get a better job), then go with Linux. As far as closed source, Apple is worse than Micro$oft. Not only do they not let you have the code, but they set it up so that their code only runs on their hardware. You have to buy their machine if you like the OS.

As far as the cool factor, with both you get some of that special rebel feeling. If you are looking for community, you will find it with both. Macs are damn pretty (those TiBooks and the new 17/21 inch flat screens are the sexiest things to come along since, well, imacs). Linux machines usually run on older pentium/AMD machines, and aren't much to look at.

If you are looking for performance, go with linux. Mac hardware usually follows (at a great distance) pentium/AMD hardware. And, even when they get the speed close, actual real world tests aren't that close.

If you are looking for a computer that is easy to use, will not crash if you treat it right, and is backed by a company that will treat you right, go with mac.

I know you wrote "besides price," but it has to be a consideration. I built my Linux server for $40 total. New, good PCs are really cheap right now, but Macs are still expensive.

I hope this helps.

I forgot - if you are at all involved in design (graphic arts, etc) get a Mac. Most design programs (adobe/macromedia/quark) are designed for the mac, and then ported to the PC. I think it will be a long time before you see something similar on a linux machine.