Weblog:   Graying MySQL, and MySQL learns a second language (early conference report )
Subject:   Probably I'm showing my bias, or my limited experience
Date:   2005-04-19 12:07:35
From:   adamsj
Response to: MySQL is to DW what PostgreSQL is to OLTP

I've had the good (or bad) fortune to never work on a data warehouse of under a terabyte. If you want something really big like, oh, Southwestern Bell has, you need DB2 or Teradata (SWB's choice).

I don't work extensively with Oracle, but in my limited experience, it runs out of horsepower somewhere near a terabyte. Maybe the newer parallelism features will fix this.

One session I really wanted to attend this year was Multi-Terabyte Data Warehouse and MySQL. Having seen the challenges involved in getting systems of that size to perform efficiently, and thus being a skeptic when someone claims they can do so, I'd really like to hear what he's got to say.

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