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Subject:   A couple notes
Date:   2005-04-20 11:53:33
From:   kollivier
Thanks for the interesting read. I'm a "switcher" from a couple years back, and so I thought I'd mention a couple things about your advice to switchers:

1. In addition to using the Application menu to close an application, you can also right-click or click and hold over an application's icon in the dock to get a menu with the Quit option to appear. This is faster if you're currently working in another application. It can also be used to Force Quit an app if it becomes unresponsive.

2. In regards to administrative priviledges, you don't so much log in as an administrator as log in with the ability to become an administrator. You are only administrator during the times that you enter the admin password. Basically, it's the sudo model of getting elevated priviledges when you need them.

You may have been aware of these things, but it wasn't clear from the article so I thought I'd mention them.

Also, you may want to look into Apple's iWork as an alternative to AppleWorks, though I realize that's another $80 which you may not want to spend on an experiment. AppleWorks hasn't been seriously updated in years, IIRC the app is older than the last MS IE update for Mac. I've found AppleWorks to be clunky to work with, though some people swear by it. iWork on the other hand is very modernized and intuitive, and pretty affordable for what it is. It's a shame they don't bundle it instead, but I guess for the average home user AppleWorks probably gets the job done even if it's not the best out there.

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