Apache Web Serving with Jaguar, Part 2
Subject:   problems with a new apache web server
Date:   2005-04-21 15:43:05
From:   Gus_Dueñas
instead of using the default apache web server on my osx jaguar 10.2.8 I've recently intalled a new apache, the 2.0.something and is exactl;y whe my problems have started.
First the site runs very well on my localhost and IP but only in my machine, when I start apache and it starts ok, others computers in the internet can't see any pages in there, I've already installed Open ssl, Bind9, Mysql, Phpmyadmin,PHP 4.3.3 and to be true, I've tried everything, I'm just a designer so that matters of programming are really new for me, would somebody help me?
Right now is ok to run dinamic pages on my localhost but I'd like to show the pages through my cable connection to my clients.

Gustavo Duenas