Mac Mini Eye for the Linux-Windows Guy
Subject:   Must-Have Apps
Date:   2005-04-22 01:12:38
From:   abmobile
Awesome. Now some hints on some really great software to turn Tryers into Switchers.

Quicksilver - Damn, I love this app... After a while I bet you'll cringe having to navigate another [Start] button. Is there anything like this for a PC?

iTerm - Tabbed, Translucent xterm.

Adium - Multi-protocol IM Client

I can't decide between Desktop Manager or Virtue for virtual desktops. Both are pre 1.0 and have issues but Codetek's has an unfortunate bug with Firefox.

These would top my list but there really is a wealth out there in addition to the numerous ports popping up from the Unix/Linux world.

iPulse and IDEA are apps well worth the money IMHO.

Oh, and one other tip I find indispensable ... File > Print > Save As PDF ... no more save as web page complete or worrying about the recipient's ability to view.

My money is on you becoming a Switcher. I really never will look back ... at least not until `06 ... `07 well, whenever Longtooth ships.