iPhoto Scripts and Plug-ins
Subject:   How to Install PlugIns -- Easier Way
Date:   2002-02-06 15:05:33
From:   derrick
Response to: How to Install PlugIns

Stuart Smith dropped me the following note for an easier way to manage PlugIns:

"It is actually easier than that.

Do a Get Info in Finder on iPhoto. Choose Plugins from the menu. There's a
large Add... Button in that panel. Use it to navigate to your new plugin. It
will be copied to iPhoto/Contents/Plugins.

The interface (like much of Mac OS X) isn't finished yet. You can pick
absolutely anything (it doesn't have to be a plugin) and it will be copied
to the plugins folder. Also, the list of plugins isn't updated immediately,
you may need to Get Info on a different file and then come back to iPhoto to
see your newly-installed plugin.

If you disable a plugin it is moved to iPhoto/Contents/Plugins (Disabled)."