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Subject:   Image Editing in iPhoto? It's OK
Date:   2002-02-06 17:30:46
From:   ibobk
Response to: Image Editing in iPhoto? It's OK

Here is another alternative which will keep good control in the hand of the user, works even after you quit and relaunched iPhoto, uses an existing iPhoto command and, above all, is very simple. We checked it out with a Guru at one of the Apple shops. It works like this:

Use the 'Duplicate' command to create a duplicate image BEFORE going from 'Organize' to 'Edit'. The duplicate will be added next to the original image in the same roll, and with the same name + "copy". Now, if you edit the copy, the edited version will be saved by iPhoto within the same roll and you can also rename it as desired. To create another versions, go back any time later to 'Organize' and create another copy.

This, I believe will solve satisfactorily my earlier stated problem about the security of originals and the traceability of multiple versions from a single original. However, I will also create and keep a copy of my originals in a back-up folder outside of iPhoto.

Bob K

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