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Subject:   BetterHTMLExport Tip
Date:   2002-02-07 14:49:59
From:   ethanbrand
Response to: BetterHTMLExport Tip

Exactly! Figures, someone beat me to the punch. So all you'd have to do is include a text instruction, rather than HTML, in the comment field (or edit the template). Now, can anyone figure out how to get the album comments to appear on the page?

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  1. BetterHTMLExport Tip
    2002-02-07 15:17:37  ethanbrand [View]

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      2002-02-07 15:22:30  ethanbrand [View]

      • BetterHTMLExport Tip - doh!
        2002-02-07 15:26:11  ethanbrand [View]

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