Building Cocoa-Java Apps with Eclipse
Subject:   Great article
Date:   2005-04-24 09:30:43
From:   ebelin
Response to: Great article

Sounds like a die-hard bigotry to me. One might want to use Java to write any ( including Cocoa ) app becuase of the tools available. I've seen a lot and I have to say that Eclipse ( along with IDEaJ, from where Eclipse "borrows" many features ) has simply the best ( overall in industry ):

1. debugger
2. code assist
3. code navigation and search
4. code refactoring
5. interface to CVS ( via SSH )
6. Java has obligotary exception handling ( missed exceptions are caught at compile time )
7. Background compilation
8. Many other things that take mundane parts out of everyday programming away.
9. Oh, and hey, real grabage collection, for a change

This is a few why's. Now, you maybe a super-programmer and do not use any of those things, but some of us are "normal" people and every once in a while ( heck, every day, actually ) use all of those features.

I feel sorry for people like yourself. Languages do not matter anymore - libraries do. It takes about 2 hours to grasp Objective-C ( language ) and even write leak-free code. It takes much longer to learn the guts of Cocoa libraries and how to use them.

Not to say that Java is perfect though. Microsoft realized the shortcomings of Java and created JavaNT *cough*.NET*cough*. At the moment they are lacking in the tool department too. As soon as they catch up - we will have even more choice.

Remember, no tool ( language ) is perfect for all jobs. And every tool ( language ) is perfect for some job. I am not going to participate in this discussion. I have figured most things for myself, so this is just a note to folks who might be misguided by the "shored" commentors.

Interesting article, by the way. For one, I would have never tried it myself. It is a pity that Apple does not embrace Eclipse as the "IDE of choice for MacOSX" and does not adopt Objective-C to be well supported in that great IDE. If they did, they would have passed Microsoft in developer convenince for a couple of years, which is quite a lot...

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  1. Great article
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