Weblog:   Ubuntu Linux 5.04 + notebook + WiFi = Works!
Subject:   Is your WIFi access point uses WEP?
Date:   2005-04-24 18:27:52
From:   rick_ap
Response to: Is your WIFi access point uses WEP?

I had the same problem with Ubuntu and found the solution by entering the WEP key in hexidecimal in the Ubuntu wireless adapter configuration.

I have a Dell Inspiron 4100 with an Orinoco Gold card that works flawlessly with Fedora but would not work with Ubuntu at all. I always enter the WEP key in XP and Fedora in ASCII but the AP and card will accept ASCII or hexidecimal.

It finally dawned on me to try hexidecimal and it worked.

If you're not deep into binary, hexidecimal, etc., you can convert the ASCII WEP key to hexidecimal here:

Simply enter the ASCII string and click Translate. Copy the hexidecimal WEP key down and enter it into Ubuntu.

Hope this helps and good luck with Linux.


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  1. Is your WIFi access point uses WEP?
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