Subject:   Outer Joins With Oracle
Date:   2005-04-25 04:02:07
From:   oraguy
Response to: Outer Joins With Oracle

So what does this mean a join can become left or right if we interchange the positions of columns like
p.partid(+)=s.partid (this is giving all unmatched rows of s table which is on right so this should be called as right outer join)

By simply changing the positions, it becomes

s.partid=p.partid(+) (this is also going to give all unmatched rows from s table but since the s table is on left side, so this will be left outer join)

What i think is that, in oracle properietary joins using + operator, there is no concept of left and right outer join, an outer join is simply an outer join. the operator can be used only to get unmatched rows from a particular table.


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