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Subject:   not ready for prime time
Date:   2005-04-26 06:24:11
From:   tonygrant
I had thought of getting a Macmini to use as a HTPC but it isn't quite there yet. For the moment I will stick to VDR on my hush:
- cheap DVB-S card in the box
- uses MPEG2 acceleration on the motherboard
- easy to program and manage recordings through web interface (vdradmin)

The Mac mini would be OK with a USB2 digital video interface. The firewire ones are way overpriced, USB DVB boxes go for about 90 euros (my card cost about 60 euros). And digital sound out? I have that on the motherboard but use a 2.1 Altec Lansing set which is plenty of sound for my small European living room.