Housecleaning Tips for Tiger
Subject:   Tiger Considerations
Date:   2005-04-26 17:19:55
From:   tomp2002
Now is also a time to breath a sigh of relief if you don't have directories based on iPhoto or any other applications but use the conventional directory system for organizing photos. While I have a pro system for keeping track of my library of photos, for example, I have all of them in a conventional structure of folders, directories, etc.

The workaround for iPhoto directories, however, as suggested in the article, is also good. This same concept, however, may apply to a good many other systems currently in use, such as those from Canon, Nikon, or whoever with respect to photos.

There are any number of proprietary applications which may be broken, at least for the time being, by Tiger, in areas other than photos, especially those from third parties. I wouldn't be in the least surprised that two I have are broken by Tiger. I therefore intend to make certain any of their files can be readily organized into conventional OSX directories and backed up with the "duplicate" function of Retrospect or whatever your favorite backup program is. Just don't rely on a conventional backup in the proprietary form of Retrospect or any other app unless you plan to restore to a FireWire drive and then Finder copy from it.

Many backup programs allow selective individual file backups, including those which do "duplicates." I plan to "duplicate" all Preference files, for example, after first taking note of those specific to Tiger (in Panther there are only about ten but I'd rather use the new pref or plist files of Tiger than the old ones from Panther).