Mac Mini Eye for the Linux-Windows Guy
Subject:   Home and End keys
Date:   2005-04-27 09:22:41
From:   amessinger
Response to: Home and End keys

Not a Try-er yet myself, but as I move closer to professional web dev I may need a mac to test for Safari.

As for your keyboard woes, I read somewhere that Logitech keyboards cooperate better with OS X than MS ones do. I use a Logitech Elite keyboard at home, and I've noticed that CTRL and ALT keys have markings for their Mac counterparts as well.

Unfortunately, the wireless version is only available as part of an expensive keyboard/mouse combo package.

One warning: The Logitech made the annoying decision to bind several special functions to the F-keys. You have to press a special "F-Lock" button to re-enable their default functions. The Windows drivers have no way to make this permanent, and the "transparent pass-through" option doesn't work like it's supposed to. Other than that, great keyboard.