Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 2
Subject:   can't make UNIX mailbox work
Date:   2002-02-08 11:51:45
From:   chris_stone
Response to: can't make UNIX mailbox work

Looks like you have the same problem mknight did. Here's what worked for him:

My suggestion would be to first quit Then delete the UNIX:@ directory and create a new one with these commands from your account (not using sudo):

[localhost:~] mknight% rm -r Library/Mail/UNIX:@/
[localhost:~] mknight% mkdir Library/Mail/UNIX:@/

Then try setting up another local Unix account again.

For some reason, will create its own and unusable Unix:@ *file* if a Unix:@ directory isn't yet there. This is why you need to make sure that directory exists *before* creating a local account in

Hope that helps!


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  1. can't make UNIX mailbox work
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