The REST of the Web
Subject:   this is not REST
Date:   2005-04-29 08:16:41
From:   kitdavies
Response to: this is not REST

I have done a similar job to what this article describes, though in pure java.

I took the view that it was "semi-RESTful". That is, I supported both direct calls to doPut, doDelete, etc for those clients that could provide them, as well as the "method" parameters as described here for standard browser interaction.

The problem I had was with PUT, which requires the server to save the resource data supplied under the URI supplied. This is slightly different than just providing a POST parameter and I regarded the workaround as a bit of a necessary hack.

I don't have a problem with describing the method used here as RESTful. It is certainly not "pure" REST, I agree, but I think you can be pragmatic about these things as well. I believe that REST concepts per se reduce much of the complexity involved in web apps and applications based on them will undoubtably benefit. This is what is being described here.