The REST of the Web
Subject:   this is not REST
Date:   2005-04-29 20:32:32
From:   jrbriggs
Response to: this is not REST

Well, we'll have to agree to disagree, if you think that using javascript with sarissa is simpler than a standard html form. I don't
see the use of a POSTed parameter, to subvert the http method at the server side, polluting the code as much as you seem to -- at least it's not setting an action directly within a URI (as Prescod notes in his Common Rest Mistakes).

Do you have a reference discussing why client side complication is preferred for REST applications, because I've never come across anything with that recommendation. I'd certainly be interested in reading it.

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  1. this is not REST
    2005-04-30 14:27:51  nferrier [View]

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