An Introduction to AppleScript on Mac OS X
Subject:   comment on the next article for SETI
Date:   2002-02-08 17:02:57
From:   psheldon
Berkeley has a bandwidth cap which my be transcended by use of a high speed cache pass of data downloads from SETI. (pretty sure about the last "") but DNS nameservers know it better as might take the pass. They were stuck a moment ago so I couldn't get through the links to leave this message because my netscape stalled trying to load the ad graphics.
Evidentally, the ad community needs a t3... cool.
I'm a romantic hoping for something serendipitous here because that is what SETI is about and what the world vitally needs cf Davies, but I won't be more specific here and have gone through other channels on that one.
I suppose Berkeley is having experts work on this, but they may be embroiled without informal channels, as they say in "The Psychology of Computer Programming". All I'm gonna say are the magic words for someone wise, beware the tradgedy of the commons, the classical management failure or "let's roll". Little steps Elly, little steps... Contact anyone?

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  1. iTools might do some mediation
    2002-02-09 21:49:35  psheldon [View]

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