Thumbing Through Firefox Tabs
Subject:   Tab Tips
Date:   2005-05-03 21:03:39
From:   dkeo
Great article. I love tabs as well and can't use a browser without them anymore.

Here is a tip you could have used to combine steps 3 and 4 in your example:

Instead of openning blank tabs to Google the movies, just select the text you want to search for, say "Martian Chronicles". Then right click and choose the 'Search Web for "Martian Chronicles"' menu item.

This automatically opens a new tab in the background and uses the default search engine, Google, to search for the selected keywords.

You can change your configuration to use a different search engine.

One other very handy tip: If you have a mouse with a scrollwhell that is also a button, you can "middle-click" the scrollwheel/button on a link to open it in the background in a new tab.

I use this all the time when searching. I run my search in one tab, then I middle-click all the results I'm interested in to load them in tabs in the background.

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    2005-05-04 12:29:13  Troy Mott | O'Reilly Author [View]

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