Thumbing Through Firefox Tabs
Subject:   Nice, but then you get more pop-ups
Date:   2005-05-04 07:32:29
From:   Chirael
I used to use some of these extensions, until I started seeing more pop-ups. Turns out that using these extensions interferes somehow with Firefox's built-in pop-up blocking.

How do I know? Because I was going to submit a bug when I started getting pop-ups, but I found the existing bug entry for the same and read through the entries. Over and over again, the suggestion was: disable your extensions and see if you still get the pop-ups. Nine times out of ten, that did the trick.

And sure enough, when I disabled Tabbed Browser Extensions, I got a lot fewer pop-ups. The extra features of such extensions are nice, but they're not worth Pop-Up Hell IMO.

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  1. Nice, but then you get more pop-ups
    2005-05-04 15:20:16  Troy Mott | O'Reilly Author [View]

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