Weblog:   Tiger Gripes?
Subject:   Mail
Date:   2005-05-04 13:03:57
From:   maartensneep1

You write:

Mail got a pointless makeoverno more drawer, and the toolbar buttons are now rearranged, smaller, and less hittable. Where did this come from? Can someone tell me why the new way is better?

The removal of the drawer is a good thing: now you can actually control the whole interface from the keyboard, before you couldn't switch mailboxes without the mouse. That change alone I think is great, especially if you're on several mailing lists and sort them (automatically) in different mailboxes

The other big one are smart folders in Mail: really great.

But the smaller, less hittable, visually less distinguishable (the outlines are now very similar, contradicting their own HIG) toolbar is not good. Also the contrast in the whole application is now lower, therefore less readable. And I still want to have the total number of unread mail, not just the number of mails in my inbox (because of automated sorting, this number doesn't really reflect what I receive)