Weblog:   Tiger Gripes?
Subject:   same boat....
Date:   2005-05-04 13:40:37
From:   brianimator2
I agree, the buddy list organization sux in my oppinion.... ahh.... wait.... cool - View > Use Groups - uncheck this, you'll be good to go.

Mail - hated the look at first, I'll be damned if it's not growing on me. Personally, I liked the drawer (I was also the only one on the planet to like Jar Jar Binks, so don't take my word for it)

What's really got me in a pinch is the apparent breaking of my JRun environment.... pointing to http://localhost:8000/ no longer works, either does http://[computerName].local:8000/ - this sucks!

another bug (I think) is where the weather widget fscks up the close(x) button for other widgets. To see what I mean, open a bunch of widgets in Dash Board, hover over them with Option held down.... (x) should appear in top left of each individual widget... this works fine with no weather widget present but buggy with it up.... lemmee check again..... ahhhhhhhh..... I think it's cause when say, raining, the weather widget's png is taller, which causes it to overlap, causing the confusion....

anywho, let's hope JRun gets fixed....

oh, and Spotlight isn't as fast as I thought it would be (1.25Ghz,1.25Gb RAM PowerBook)

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  1. same boat....
    2005-05-04 23:07:02  brianimator2 [View]

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