An Introduction to AppleScript on Mac OS X
Subject:   iTools might do some mediation
Date:   2002-02-09 21:49:35
From:   psheldon
Response to: comment on the next article for SETI

Recall I suggested transfers of processed data to and raw data from Berkeley of SETI might occur at higher speed and get out of the way of the slower traffic. I have found that unix command transfer of huge files by cli with merely 56k to transmit the low low bandwidth command to transfer at high bandwidth between T1 connected computers got me way ahead on the ports ques. I don't know why the shared resource economy works, but I know how it works, fast.
The crucial thing is to send the data to and from Berkeley fast through t1 t3 whatever. I don't know about that serendipity thing when I was reminded about iTools this morning by Martha Washington in her digital hub spiel. I think what I had observed before this ACD (Apple Corps of Dallas) meeting was the graphics from advertisements coming from unix paths on machines with t3 connections, so as not to get in the way with the text that were sort of like TV programs in between the advertisements.
I don't know if Berkeley needs a t3 machine, and it had seemed to me that that compound name t3 machine made sense just from the name, to solve their bandwidth cap. Maybe I misled some folks to beat on the wrong door.
Any university already has a T1 connection, I believe, though I haven't checked my old university lately, they may have moved up towards internet 2 whatever t that movng up is.
What's more, I bet iTools with a 20 meg drive storage out there is served by os x (unix) server. That means that from there I could do high speed transfers to/from Berkeley and get out of the way fast from the shared resources. What's more, by internet application serving, I could have an applescript send that remote machine an instruction to run an application there to do the ftp, even do it at an optimal time (which I doubt is necessary, insisting on it, even for a high speed pass, might confuse this economy with the old notion of doing batch processing) because, in Oreilly's terminal column, I read that you can change the time of garbage collection task with a sudo. So, someone with a sudo access at iTools machines could, instead of garbage collection, time an ftp task.
Since Berkeley came up with BSD unix and is physically close to Cupertino, at least in my experience driving, maybe Apple could do some unix guru stuff or Bruce W. Perry who wrote the lines following :
tell application "http://..."
that let me know he knew about telling another machine what to do, a machine that could "take the pass".
Now, cli is just character strings as far as I know, so, this remote high speed ftp between unix machines doesn't have to be commanded from a unix machine or even from a mac, though it might be a nice gesture to the pride of Berkeley if Apple did it first.
Well, I'm tired. I wanted to get this out fast. I hope I have been clear. Someone knows better than me how to do this stuff, I just wanted to inspire and maybe get a little more wisdom on what multiprocessing thinking could be. Just a little. Again, I like the whole idea of project SETI, Contact, Carl Sagan and his friend, Kip Thorne. I very much liked Paul Davies "The Fifth Miracle". There, I've said it out...