Weblog:   Tiger Gripes?
Subject:   Font management
Date:   2005-05-05 00:29:41
From:   pheed
Since the first OS X, I thought it was a bit of an irony that the platform known for it's userbase of designers can't quite get font management right. The font book might be nice if you have a couple dozen fonts, but if you work with several hundred it grinds to a halt. The ability to create new font libraries allows you to keep track of fonts stored in locations other than the blessed font folders. This is a great improvement but it is too slow and crash prone. If you can get it to import a few hundred fonts without crashing (hint: import only a dozen at a time ) it doesn't help because it is so slow. Every time you start the app to turn on a few fonts for a job it rescans the entire library which takes a while. It also seems like start up time for apps like Illustrator are dramatically increased even if all those fonts are disabled. If Apple could supply a little of their brilliance here and fix this it would make a lot of people happy. Also it would be nice for people who still have a large collection a legacy postscript fonts to have some way of getting into those font suitcases to reorganize the screen fonts--I'm actually using the Font/DA mover from system 6 running in classic. Talk about an app that could use a facelift :)

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