Weblog:   Tiger Gripes?
Subject:   Spotlight and Safari
Date:   2005-05-05 04:29:03
From:   waynesmallman
With regards to the Spotlight tool in the menu bar, I'm not sure if I'll ever use it.

I've been using LaunchBar for quite some time now and Spotlight is just not anywhere near as fast as intuitive or as utilitarian as LaunchBar.

To be fair, Spotlight will come into its own at the system level where finding stuff away from the desktop and within applications is the requirement.

Now, having said that, how the hell did Apple manage NOT to add Spotlight functionality to Safari?

How on earth can I look at Safari and then have to drop back to Firefox to simply find stuff within a page?

I'd say someone over-baked the potato and then forgot to put the chili sauce on the hob...

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  1. Spotlight and Safari
    2005-05-05 07:54:11  jharrell [View]

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