Three-Tier Development with PHP 5
Subject:   Not very infomative
Date:   2005-05-05 14:53:19
From:   mattneedles
This article is vague and not very informative. The author dwells on displaying header, footer, cancel button but does not clearly state how the initial setup is done. For that mattter, "Simplify Business Logic with PHP DataObjects" by Darryl Patterson is more informative and easy to understand:

Is there a way to unplug the DB object as it is only an abstraction layer for the database to address situations where the database vendor is changed in future? The chances of switching the database is mostly nil and the additional DB layer only slows down the process. Despite the DB_DataObjects being built on top of DB object, it seems like we still have to construct our own result set in the above example which is redundant:

while ($user->fetch()) {
$smarty->append('users', array(
'ID' => $user->user_Id,
'FIRSTNAME' => $user->first_Name,
'LASTNAME' => $user->last_Name,
'EMAIL' => $user->email,

I wish this article on DB_DataObjects was written by Darryl Patterson as he said he might write it in future.

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