Miguel on Mono
Subject:   I understand Miguel
Date:   2002-02-10 22:34:08
From:   ppesci
Miguel move is for get some windows developers to GNOME and to try to get momentum to compete with KDE.

Unfortunately, M$ don't understand about standards and will try to tie C# to Windows (remember Java)?

Very soon, C# versions become incompatible but M$ will use GNOME to bless its nobody-develop platform C#. And better than all, OpenSource community will waste time going **behind** microsoft goes, as Miguel said.

I dont hate M$ and believe that some efforts as Samba are good because smb is one facto standard, but who are using C#?.


Want to get a new multi-platform environment?.

Use Java then, but Miguel don't want this because Java can run in KDE too and there is no advantage there.

Want to do a fresh aproach to use multiple language and platform in one standard way?

Create your own standard (Call it D++) and do it as superset of Java and C#.

GNOME did a bad choice in its fundation and that was to be based in C. Using any platform (C#, Java or any) will be a very bad idea. Use C++ as KDE does.

Don't put the dust under the carpet.

May be i'm wrong but, if C# succeeds then KDE team will be in better position to extend its functionality because port from C++ to C# is far straigtforward than C to C#.

Anyway, GNOME will lose.


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  1. Exactly
    2002-02-11 13:30:01  svoropay [View]

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