Build a Dashboard Widget
Subject:   It doesn't work
Date:   2005-05-07 05:18:46
From:   aaanderson
Response to: It doesn't work

What does not work for you ?

When you load Dashboard does it load in the window ?
Does the functionality not work when you try to run it ?

The first one is probably XML driven, the second HTML driven.

One way to debug Widgets, is to actually use the "Console" application, in the Applicatiosn/Utilities folder. All Javascript errors/messages will go here. Load that up and it should give you a pointer to any problems.

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    2005-05-23 11:14:49  andyinindy [View]

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    2005-05-11 09:18:20  andyinindy [View]

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    2005-05-07 16:26:30  kevincranford [View]

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