Build a Dashboard Widget
Subject:   Widget does not work, I am working on a fix
Date:   2005-05-07 18:18:59
From:   aaanderson
I apologize but there is a problem with the Widget in the article. I originally wrote it and the article in a pre-release version of Tiger before Tiger was released. Unfortunately
I submitted the article before the release and never had the chance to test it in the final build.

The technical reason for the problem is that it looks like Apple changed the way that Dashboard handles the Widget.system method in the final release that makes the Widget not work.

I am sorry about this and understand everyone's frustration. I know people come to O'Reilly and MacDevCenter for reliable information and that this obviously is not up to par with what you expect. I am actively working on getting a fix together and I will post it as soon as possible.


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  1. Here is the fix!!
    2005-05-07 21:01:16  Andrew Anderson | [View]

    • Here is the fix!!
      2005-06-08 15:03:18  rayvanderver [View]

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