What .NET Got Right
Subject:   .NET vs. Java/Web services tools
Date:   2002-02-12 08:08:38
From:   sanglin

There's no question that .NET got it right in terms of tools and other offerings in contrast with the Sun ONE starter kit. However, .NET still has some hurdles, namely security.

Also, there's better Java and Web services tool offerings outside of Sun: IBM WebSphere/VisualAge, BEA Weblogic/Webgain IDE, Borland's Web app server/JBuilder IDE, etc.

And finally, in defense of Sun, they really don't want to 'sell' Sun ONE as a product, along with Forte for Java, etc. Sun wants to be recognized as a Java and Web services organization. In Richard Green's own words, Sun wants to be recognized as the software industry "evangelist" for Java and Web services.

It was awkward for Sun to eliminate the iPlanet division, especially with Sun's vendors: BEA, IBM and the like. Look for Sun to let former iPlanet products like Forte for Java and parts of Sun ONE to go on the market. Look for Novell to acquire some or all of these to enhance its own Web services directory products, that's if IBM let's them.

--Steve Anglin, Managing DevCenter Editor