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Subject:   Project Builder slightly out of tune?
Date:   2002-02-12 09:17:26
From:   psheldon
Response to: Project Builder won't start

My working hypothesis I give you is this. "/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks...." is part of the os x system update and not the developer tools update. In os 9.x and earlier, the system file (and rom) manager routines were called by programs to make programming language higher than assembly level. Now, I suppose that we have a folder that holds these buidling tools, the folder above. I suspect that these "resources" are copied into program internals to give some sort of "continuity" to older os x programs. Even if the frameworks in the system folder change, many of the old programs continue to work, until you attempt to recompile the projects they come from. Then, you might have to do some "voodoo" with the includes and your intuition. I had to with a dumb speech program I made. Somehow, project builder itself is so fundamental that it can't "hold it's stuff", I bet.

When I get stuff on my developer cd's the dumb installs don't make me think about this distinction, if you get things from the free web site maybe it assumes you will have done the os x system update. I go to the apple store with my airport enhanced TiG4 and get the huge os x updates at high speed without sweating whether I need to.

I have a PB that works with the latest
1. os x 10.1.2
2. some sort of updater update
3. latest developer tools (how you identify such, I don't know)

Maybe if one of these dudes is out of synch PB won't work.
I suspect the new updater makes sure that the developer tools and os x system stuff are synchronized in some way.

That's the best guess I have to get you started.

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  1. Project Builder slightly out of tune?
    2002-04-30 20:59:06  mpodell [View]

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