AppleScript Primer for Mac OS X
Subject:   CLI & Applescript
Date:   2002-02-12 09:23:38
From:   naepstn
How extensively can you integrate CLI commands and Applescript?

Specifically, can I write an Applescript similar to your example you gave for printing, but after copying over a .ps file, would SSH to the Linux machine that the file was sent to (and which is acting as an LPR print server for the Windows print server), and then issue the following shell command over SSH:
lpr -P HP3200

Ideally, if it could access the keychain to decrypt the SSH login password, that would be great, but it could also prompt me to enter the password each time, but it would have to display the keystrokes as asterisks or some other masking character.

Is this possible within the confines of Applescript, or would this require writing new methods or other such programming for which I lack the skills?


P.S. Is this going to be a recurring column? It would sure be nice if it was. :-)

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