Magnificent Seven: What's New for Users in QuickTime 7
Subject:   Pro Upgrade--Grr!
Date:   2005-05-11 10:06:23
From:   macfandave
Response to: Pro Upgrade--Grr!

It's $29.99 in US Dollars!

Are you talking about a different currency or are you just misinformed? If you are going to use the dollar sign without stating which country's currency you are referring to, please realize that most of us will understand that to mean US Dollars.

Whether you are using some other currency or are using the wrong price, your arguments are hollow. Just because Apple gives you TextEdit, shouldn't you get Pages for free? They give you iMovieHD for free, why don't we get Final Cut Pro for free?

If you are going to get $30 worth of benefit from the QuickTime Pro features, buy it. Otherwise, don't. It ain't rocket science, just the law of supply and demand.

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    2005-05-19 02:42:35  DerHeld [View]

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      2005-05-20 06:34:02  nosumo [View]

      • Pro Upgrade--Grr!
        2005-05-20 06:40:20  nosumo [View]

        • Pro Upgrade--Grr!
          2005-05-25 04:01:19  DerHeld [View]

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