Build a Dashboard Widget
Subject:   ...doesn't work...
Date:   2005-05-11 10:58:08
From:   aaanderson
Response to: ...doesn't work...

it definately behaves differently between the pre-release versions of Tiger and the final release build.

what was most frustrating when I was debugging the problem in the release build is that Dashboard would crash, wouldn't pick up new versions of the Widget as they were created and just suffered from general weird behavoir.

the only thing that even approximates a debug environment is the mix of the console and using javascript alert statements, which is not an easy way to debug anything.

I confirmed that the latest version of the code, works in the release build of Tiger, but as you said widget.system seems to be hopeless broken.

Thanks for the feedback though, I think part two of the article will focus more on how to setup some semblance of a development/debug environment and using the other features of Dashboard.