What .NET Got Right
Subject:   .NET is not available clientside, nor is it portable serverside.
Date:   2002-02-12 16:16:13
From:   nzheretic
Response to: .NET will take a Bigger Bite

"ClientSide of Java according to me is almost dead."

Well, because Microsoft has not released .NET clients for anything other platforms other than it's own, clientside .NET can be considered non-existant.

When will Microsoft be releasing .NET for the Mac, MacOSX, Sun, Linux, BSD?

Overseas and in a few larger organizations in the US, there is a movement away from relying 100% on Microsoft for the desktop platform.

Without full cross platform portability support from Microsoft, all you are doing is locking yourself into a single vendor relationship.

At least with Java there is alternative vendors such as IBM to get a complient JVM enviroment from.

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