Windows XP from a Mac Perspective
Subject:   XP ambivalence
Date:   2002-02-12 20:03:53
From:   davidcl
Response to: XP ambivalence

gostong, Windows XP Home Edition is $200, and Professional is $300. They are less if you get them with a new PC (I charge $100 for Home and $150 for Professional based on my OEM prices). So I'm not clear where the $500 figure is coming from.

Derrick, thanks for this article. I've been going through similar situations. I'm currently using, on my various computers, Mac OS 9, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. In this context, Mac OS 9, which crashes a few times a day, starts to feel like Windows 98 did for you! But I can't upgrade to OS X yet because my printers are not compatible.

Oh well, at least I don't have a corporate IT department telling me what to do.

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