Google Your Desktop
Subject:   HELP Please - Refreshing the Index
Date:   2005-05-12 18:52:29
From:   TechGermz
Hi Guys

I am very sure it is a great tool, and am very happy with the searches.

I just came across a weakness though, I am not sure if there is a workaround, or if I am handling it incorrectly, or if it is fixed in a post-Beta release (I'm still on the Beta)!!

I was looking for a particular text file on my PC. It satisfactorily found the file, but when I tried to click the link to access it, it came up with the following message:

The following file cannot be found:
C:\Documents and Settings\Karm\My Documents\Bigpond Stuff\BigpondADSL.txt
This may happen if you renamed or deleted this file.

Now, I do understand that it is an application that constantly needs to run in the background, and I may have switched it OFF a couple of times, and I DID move the file across to a different location while GDS was turned OFF, but still shouldn't it go back and look for changes somehow!!

I tried looking hard for a REFRESH INDEX button to possibly assist me in Re-Indexing, but couln't find anything even close to it. The only option I can think of is uninstalling & reinstalling GDS!! I don't mind doing it for once, but shouldn't there be a better work-around, in case I DO have to turn the GDS off for a while in the future??

Please advise if you have a solution to this, I'll now go ahead and try installing the post-beta release to see if the problem is fixed!! Thanx...